Our First Library Visit

Library Visit Take #1 

On Thursday, Miss B took Tumanako 14 to Clendon Library. The walk  was tiring and hot but so worth it because it was so much fun! It was so cool to take a walk and leave the school to visit the library. We had fun looking at books and learning all about how to issue and  look after them. Take a look at our little adventure. Miss H really missed out! We cannot wait until week 6! We are now book worms!


  1. Look at these amazing pictures of #TUMANAKO14 at the #TeMatirikiClendonLibrary ... Because of our limited space at @RowandaleSchool it is not possible for our school to have a designated #Library ... what an amazing resource!

  2. Great stuff T14...their excitement fuels the joy for reading..."The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." (Dr. Seuss). Happy travelling this year T14!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to our public library with Tumanako 14! I noticed and heard amazing readers from this class! Also BIG THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING MUM ... Whaea Polly who had supported us on the day! You rock!!!


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