Week 8's Learning

Week 8

Tumanako 14 has had a very busy week. Here are some pictures we took... have a look... Don't forget to leave a message!

We learnt all about Similes. 

"Samoa is as hot as the sun." - Anna-Maria 

We took a walk to the Library. 

We got reminded how to treat and speak to one another with the 'Aroha Cirlce' and pillow. 
We sit in a circle and pass the heart pillow around. When you have the pillow you say something nice about the person next to you. I am so proud of the class as the class ame through with some really nice things. 

"Francis is smart." - Samiu
"I really like Tane's hair" - Tane
"I love Miss H because she cares about me"- Crystal

Thank you for visiting out blog! Have a blessed week ahead!

Love Miss and her Superheroes, 

Tumanako 14


  1. I love teaching 'Similes'! So next time I am with you all, I would love to share a favourite aspect of mine in writing with you all and learning more about 'Similes'. Tumanako 14, I think your idea around the purpose of the 'Heart Pillow' is SUPER, DUPER AWESOME!!! I strongly believe that to be able to share our positive thinking about others, only makes us better people! Keep it up, Tumanako 14!

  2. Tumanako 14 you all have such lovely smiles. I really like your Aroha Circle and Pillow what an awesome way to have positive relationships in your classroom. Aroha 4 cant wait to see more of your lovely smilies around Rowandale.

  3. I really like how your class is learning to use their #PRIDE when in your #Tumanako14 Talking Circle and sharing something nice about someone ... #Similes are fun to learn about too!


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