Week 1 Term 2 Learning

Week 1 Term 2 

We have had a very busy week one of term. It was really lovely to see everyone so happy to be back at school. The students came back to school ready to learn and have fun doing it!

We had so many highlights! 
1. We got to go swimming in Manurewa Pools and learnt how to get into the pool safely and SOooOoo much more. We cannot wait to go in week 2!

2. We learnt some new cool things about fractions! some of us had a race to make a 'whole'. 

3. We got to attend an NZOPERA performance and it was magnificent! Some of us really, really enjoyed it and inspired us to want to perform like that one day! (Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any videos but you can take our word for it, right? =)

Have a lovely week!

<3 T14 


  1. Great start to the Term #Tumanako14 ... #Fractions are sometime a little hard so its great you are all focussed on learning about them ... #SwimmingSkills are so important and @RowandaleSchool is focussed on getting more students #WaterConfident and #WaterSafe

  2. Great to see you understanding the importance about the skills of swimming and making sure that you brought your togs in the first week! Thumbs up to all you swimmers this week! Proud of you.


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