Week 6 and Week 7

Week 6 
We had one fantastic week in week 6. We managed to do some painting and made a big mess! We are learning about the solar system and are very fascinated by the planets and how they look. So we got out some paint, pastels and crayons and tried to make our art as realistic as possible. 

We also got a very special visit from a few members the Royal Family! The New Zealand Royal Family that is... The group of amazing dancers? We were so super lucky and had soooo much fun watching them perform. The group is called Bubblegum, they area group of girls aged ten to thirteen and they are from all parts of New Zealand. 

They taught us that hard work pays off and if you put your mind to something, anything is possible. 
Below is a picture to prove it!


Week 7 

This week we were lucky once again! We recieved a special delivery from Whaea Lois and some of the Whakapono leaders.  Thanks to KidsCan and the Warriors, we got their hands on some brand new jackets for winter. We wrote our names in them and put them straight on our backs. 



  1. You all look great in your @KidsCanNZ #RainJackets #Tumanako14 ... hope your #Art mess wasn’t too big lol ... thanks for sharing about your week at @RowandaleSchool


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