Tumanako 14 Term 3 Week 1 Learning.

WALT: Add and subtract numbers.
Here are some photos of us working hard to learn our basic facts.  We are very keen to learn and we are looking forward to setting some new learning goals.

Samiu is using the number line to help him work out his answer.

Kiara-Leigh and Tane have just finished so are now colouring in the picture.

Shiloh, Keri-Ann, Malynda and Honey are using their number knowledge to work out the answers.

Saint is using his fingers to help him work out the answer.

Bahiyyih is using her number knowledge to get her answers and Vanaaye is using her fingers to help her work out the answers.

Lindzy was so excited when he learnt how to use the number line, and completed the worksheet on his own.
Well done Tumanako 14, some excellent learning this week.